I’ve Been Away

My Son & Our Dog in the Sunshine

I’ve been away.

I’ve taken time away from blogging. An overload of work, both at my regular job and my freelance work, has kept me away.

Then there was the enjoyable vacation. Taking time out as a family to work on our friendship, to communicate, to play games and make smores, to walk and play at the beach, was a much needed and welcome refresher.

I also took time to be alone with myself and with God. Time to help settle me down, to remember what it means to be quiet, to be at ease in the midst of His great peace.

And I must not forget to mention the much needed break from technology by choice. Very important decision. I recommend it. I recommend unplugging from the laptop, ipad, desktop and cellphone. Let media be silent for awhile. Let your mind rest…

And now I’m back.

What that looks like here will depend entirely on what is inspiring me to write. Gone is the notion that I must ‘produce’ content. I prefer to ‘create’ content that enriches me enough to share and hopefully bless you who continue to read.

What that looks like at work means, as a freelance writer and editor, I will work on projects that I believe in and inspire me. As a communications manager I will communicate with clarity, integrity and purpose. And I stay open to new opportunities.

So thank you for continuing to check in. Thank you for the encouragement I receive from you.

Lee Anne

About Live Explore Enjoy

Lee Anne Michayluk is a Vancouver based writer who loves to live, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest
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2 Responses to I’ve Been Away

  1. Katrina MacIntosh says:

    Well, my far away friend….I am glad you are back! I may appear to be a “silent” reader but I do enjoy your words of wisdom, ideas and thoughts.

    ps: and besides, we have to try and figure out how our paths will cross….soon! 😉

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