The Travel Bug

I’m naming today Travel Tuesday! Travel has been on my mind a lot lately, due in large part to my serious need for a vacation. How can I tell? I wear flip flops to work and gauzy, white shirts are the only purchases as of late. Exotic destinations scroll through my mind as if a reel to reel projector is set on auto-loop just inside the right hemisphere of my brain.

Living near the Pacific Ocean, I love being near the water, so the destination must include a fabulous beach. I could go inland for a short while, as in, ‘let’s tour the Italian countryside and stop at wineries and villas along the way,’ but I would always need to make my way back to the water.

Travel destinations on my mind include Costa Rica, the Mayan Riviera, Fiji, Maui, and multiple stops along the California coast line. Having been to not-a-one, I’m open for suggestions. I didn’t realize choosing would be so difficult, so I’d love your input. And while you’re considering your favourite places to vacation, here are some fabulous views to inspire your next travel getaway!

A Tranquil Scene in Costa Rica via

A private beach on the Mayan Riviera

Glorious Fiji via

A Spectacular Vista in Maui via

A Sunset in Santa Cruz

Vancouver, BC - My Home

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Lee Anne Michayluk is a Vancouver based writer who loves to live, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest
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6 Responses to The Travel Bug

  1. Lisa P says:

    Oh Boy! Now I have the travel bug! I would do Fiji. When I flew with Canada 3000 it was one of our destinations, but I never had the opportunity to stay there. It always got rave reviews from the passengers. Good luck making your choice, they all sound wonderful. Don’t worry flip flops and gauzy shirts are ok, I think once you start sneaking your bathing suit in your purse or wearing it under your clothes, then your in trouble!

  2. Oh, my…

    This post got me in the mood for a LONG vacation! I wish I could do it soon! Gorgeous images!!!

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

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