I Love My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. Another year added to the many, many I’ve lived before. No big deal, right? Except that it is!

I love my birthday. And I’m somewhat surprised by those who don’t. Especially adults! Sure, it’s great when you’re a kid and you get a cute cake with your cute friends playing cute games, but that’s nothing compared to the fun you have once you’re all grown up with the freedom to choose your delights.

Think about it! It’s the one day in a year to be legitimately spoiled rotten, and deserve every single minute of it. It’s also a day to take time out and indulge in some wonderful pleasures that seem a bit frivolous or time consuming other days of the year. Say it with me, Spa Day!

Birthdays for me haven’t changed much over the years, and they look a lot like birthdays for my kids, except for the addition of good wine:

Presents – yep, I still want them! thank you very much!
Cake – absolutely, and doubly enjoyable the next morning.
Singing – always! sing to me: in tune, bad pitch, off beat…
Dinner – stay in or eat out, just don’t make me lift a finger
Party – big, small, surprise or otherwise, I love them!

We don’t have any hard and fast traditions to observe year to year, we let each birthday be spontaneous and accommodating to whatever our schedule is and wherever we find ourselves. They’re always fun. Always.

And this whole ‘getting older sucks‘ bit? Nope. Not there. Perhaps one of these years I’ll look in the mirror and the lines will bother me or the grey will depress me, but so far that isn’t happening. The lines and the grey are there (although the grey is usually well hidden), but they belong. They’re mine, I’ve earned them, I’ve had fun and enjoyed life. And if some lines and grey and stiff limbs show up to remind me of the fullness of each day I’ve lived, then I welcome them, especially when there’s presents involved!

About Live Explore Enjoy

Lee Anne Michayluk is a Vancouver based writer who loves to live, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest
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