Easy Organization Tips

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Everywhere I look lately someone is giving hints and tips on how to organize. And I agree, organization in all aspects of life is important for a number of reasons. Fourteen years in the property management field has taken me from the most organized spaces all the way to the hoarders villa. Over and over I’ve noticed the same results from people living in a cluttered environment.

  • Clutter creates a cluttered life and often leads to a lack of productivity
  • Mess = Stress
  • Poor health stems from poor living conditions

Most of us know this stuff, but the process of organization is also stressful. So where to begin. Let’s stick with the old cliché and start small. The following are meant to be quick and easy organization tips anyone can do.

1. Pick one drawer or closet or the glove box in your car. Just finishing with one small area is rewarding and can start the process moving forward.

2. Ladies, carry a smaller purse.

3. This may seem like a no brainer, but I’ll list it anyway. Keep stuff where it belongs and gets used ~ dish cloths in the kitchen, clothes in the bedroom or dressing room, towels in the bathroom and booster cables in the car.

4. Start using a day planner, online calendar or your favorite tech device to keep track of appointments and schedule to do’s. Plan your days and work the plan. Using lists is another handy way to be organized.

5. Baskets can be used to tame clutter in a number of rooms in the house ~ click here for fun ideas!

6. Rather than purchasing new books, join the library and check them out instead. Try to limit yourself to two or three titles.

7. Use binders to keep things like appliance manuals together, warranty information organized, and recipes all in one spot.

Maybe you’re ready to go deeper and really tackle the clutter building up. Here are some straight forward ideas to get you started.

Photo by Sir. Mo

8. There are plenty of books, magazines and online resources that give fabulous organizational ideas and stylish solutions for every room in the house. Everything from bookcases to bed linens, even the garage and tool shed.

9. If something hasn’t been used, worn, looked at, read, watched or turned on in over six months (seasonal items might be excluded unless they don’t get used from one year to the next) it’s possibly time to donate, recycle or remove the item(s). If there’s time have a garage sale.

10. Assign a value to things you think you want to keep. Ask yourself, ‘is it meaningful, useful or lovely in our space?’ If not, it’s gotta go. And yes, this includes unwanted gifts.

11. Don’t hang on to items that you might use one day or will maybe fit into again. Let them go.

12. Don’t keep too many of any one item. Really, how many eye shadows, coffee mugs and socket sets does one household need?

13. Where possible, and if necessary, hire a professional organizer to come in, even for a day.

14. If you have excess items that you find you absolutely must keep and don’t have room for, try renting storage, then refer back to # 9.

15. Invest in closet organizers and other items like magazine files, drawer caddies, and storage bins. You might even have some extra dollars from your garage sale to offset the cost.

In extreme cases watch an episode or two of Hoarders, it just might be the shock therapy you need!


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Lee Anne Michayluk is a Vancouver based writer who loves to live, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest
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2 Responses to Easy Organization Tips

  1. Jen says:

    I can’t stop buying books. I just can’t. But at least I shelve and alphabetize them…

    • Hi Jen! I love books too – and sometimes organizing them means straightening the growing stack beside my bed! Do you have pictures of your alphabetized library? Would love a visual!

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