The Art of Saying Thank You

In today’s age of evites, facebook posts and tweets, receiving a note in the mail can be a lovely surprise. Stationary companies create gorgeous cards and paper. Having some on hand with a roll of stamps makes it easy to send off a letter or thank you note.

Once you have the cards, here are some basic guidelines when sending a thank you note.

1. Be prompt
When a friend extends a kindness or you receive a lovely gift, take a moment as soon as convenient and write a note of thanks.

2. Be personal
Address each person individually thanking them specifically for ‘the lovely travel journal’ or ‘inviting us to share such a wonderful evening!’

3. Be polite
Etiquette never goes out of style. Stay clear of off color comments or jokes, even if Uncle Joe did get a little tipsy.

4. Be positive
What if you don’t like the gift or action? Acknowledge, instead, the heart behind the kindness. You can thank them for being so thoughtful or taking time with you.

Sometimes it might be appropriate to include a little something in the envelope ~ a picture from the dinner party or of you using the new gift received.

Taking a moment to say Thank You is always appropriate and appreciated.
And with designs as great as these, who can resist!

Thank You Notes from the Gallison Mudpuppy Collection


Stylish Thank You Notes from Jonathan Adler


Nantucket Thank You Cards from Peter Pauper

Boxed Yellow Poppies Correspondence Cards from William Arthur

You might also like Discover: Vintage Postcards ~ an article
from Eat.Love.Savor Magazine. They make a wonderful Thank You Card.


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