Chili ~ Variations on a Theme

It’s the time of  year when chili is a welcome addition to the family table. Most people have a basic recipe they love, here’s some variations on a theme.
Vegetarian: In lieu of ground meat, add finely chopped cauliflower. It adds the texture without the addition of beef or chicken. Amp up the addition of fresh peppers, garlic and other favorite veggies like zucchin and broccoli.
South Western: Chipotle sauce or chili’s added to the pot adds a southwestern flair. Chicken instead of beef is also an excellent addition to this chili pot. Round out the mix with black beans and corn.
Middle Eastern: Cumin powder adds a hint of eastern flair without being overwhelming. A tablespoon or two is all you need.

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Lee Anne Michayluk is a Vancouver based writer who loves to live, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest
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