Designing My Ideal Home Office

Inspiring Me ~ Pottery Barn's Bedford Collection

What makes a great home office? Not intending to make the design world shudder, I often think there are no hard and fast rules. Truly the needs of the person or family living, working, and functioning within a space dictate what makes it in and what gets the chop.

My need for a home office has changed significantly. For the longest time I’ve had this romantic notion about being a writer. In my mind’s eye I’m enraptured by my chic laptop bag, a cup of tea in my to-go mug and a pretty vista inspiring my writing.

Most of the time I share our main living space with my artistic family. It’s been great having my husband’s music in the background while our teenagers work on their homework. However, truth be told, I’m easily distracted and… oh look, the dog, she wants to play, excuse me while I… yeah, you get the picture!

The reality of growing into a professional writer is along the lines of:

  • get up,
  • work hard,
  • work at the day job,
  • come home,
  • work hard,
  • fit in time for family, errands, domestic bliss, exercise, romance and sleep.

It’s grueling (love it though) and I’m quickly coming to realize a dedicated work space is vital to whether or not I’m successful.

The room I have to work with is on the small side, but it’s separate from the rest of the house affording me the solitude needed to work. The concepts, items and feel of the space will suit my individual needs and tastes. Some of the fundamentals of good design will be there (my 20 year love affair with home decor magazines has paid off) and some of it will be quirky, like me.

Here are some before pictures ~ and it’s where I’m starting from right now. I know, looks eerily like an episode of hoarders! It only looks this way so the rest of the house doesn’t. It’s the dedicated drop zone, but no more! I’m inspired, I’m committed and simply just motivated (finally) to make this happen.

Your input, comments and ideas are welcome!

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Lee Anne Michayluk is a Vancouver based writer who loves to live, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest
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2 Responses to Designing My Ideal Home Office

  1. Lisa Pike says:

    I love the Bedford Collection, and even more love that brick wall in the picture! I’m much like you I don’t really have a dedicated space for doing my things, our computer is in the same room as the tv and my kids toys! So hard not to be distracted. Can’t wait to see what you do with your space!

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