10 Creative & Easy Ways to Build Community


photo by Leah Yin Sokol

In my work with a non profit housing society, I am actively involved in community development work. Time and again I see the healthiest communities are those where people participate together for the common good. At work and in my own neighborhood, I’ve witnessed the simplest acts often have the most profound results.

Here are 10 creative and easy ways to build community where you live.

1. Say ‘hi’ to your neighbors. It’s that easy.
2. Plant a garden ~ container, patio, small plot or large yard. They look pretty & get you outside. Also consider joining a community garden.
3. Leave a water dish out for dogs (if you’re a dog loving kind of person, which I am). If you’re a dog owner, please leash & clean up after your pooch.
4. Sit on your porch, or front step, or balcony and make eye contact with people passing by, then refer to #1.
5. Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Promotes good health, good circulation and lets you see what’s going on around you. Then refer to #1.
6. Let your kids bring other kids home for snacks, homework club, games, and just to hang out.
7. Join a local sports team.
8. Take care of your place. A well kept home, pretty patio, and cut lawn show respect for your neighborhood and often have a chain reaction.
9. Introduce yourself to anyone new on your block or in your building. Take the old fashioned route and bake them some cookies.
10. Organize a Block Party. Many municipalities have funding available, contact your city or town hall to find out. Perhaps enlist the help of others ~ working together for the common good.

11. Bonus ~ as much as possible, promote businesses in your neigborhood & stay local.

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Lee Anne Michayluk is a Vancouver based writer who loves to live, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest
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