Making A List, Checking It Twice…

The Holidays are fast approaching and I’m in organization mode. I love to use lists to keep me on track.  In fact, I use lists just about every day so I (hopefully) never forget even the little things and always remember the important things.  A good list is like a personal assistant on some levels. And it is o-so-satisfying to cross off items once they’re done!

Whether you use pen and paper, your iphone or some online application, make a list that will work for you and that you’ll actually work.  Here are some useful lists to consider in your quest to stay on top of things.  Make sure to keep or post your lists where you will see, and thus use, them.

1. Grocery List – Sounds simple, but forget to make one and you walk out of Superstore with 24 things you never intended to purchase, including Captain Crunch Cereal, and spend $100 too much.
2. Weekly Meals – Meal planning can help alleviate stress on busy days and streamline grocery shopping lists and trips.  Once made this list could be transferred to your household calendar so whoever gets home first knows what to start prepping for dinner.
3. Shopping List – Everything from back to school to special occasions, this list helps you be efficient and not overspend. Very helpful around the holidays.
4. Guest List – Planning a party, big or small, takes quite a bit of organization to ensure things run smoothly. A guest list helps you track of the number of people coming and allows you plan the amount of food & beverages required. For larger or more formal gatherings, you may also want to consider a seating plan (funky diagram style list).
5. Christmas card &/or gift list – Once compiled, you can use this list to create a Holiday data base on your computer that allows you track gifts given and create a mailing list to print labels for your Christmas card mail-out. These lists also help you remember everyone and ensure you never offend your Great Aunt again!
6. Chore List – Whether you’re delegating the work to be done, or want to make sure everything gets done, this list should be updated weekly.
7. Packing List – Getting away is a time to de-stress, but forget something important and your blood pressure is sure to rise. You don’t want to forget your toothbrush or skivvies, not to mention the plane tickets and passports (it actually happens).  This list is even longer if you plan to go camping with kids! Once created consider laminating this list and keeping it in a suitcase to re-use at vacation time.
8. Appointments – Even for those who already use a dayplanner, it is helpful to make a list of important, but more obscure, appointments you need to remember over the course of a year like the eye doctor, mechanic, vet, duct & vent cleaning, etc.
9. To Do List – Yep, each day should have it’s own list of what you need to accomplish from phonecalls to work projects. This list is best compiled the night before so once you wake up you know what to expect for the day.
10. Household Projects List – Creating this list could possibly mean the baseboard you purchased last spring will actually get installed.

These are just a few lists to get you started.  I hope you are inspired to keep your life on track and your tasks in order.

If you have a favorite list that helps keep you organized please leave a comment!

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Lee Anne Michayluk is a Vancouver based writer who loves to live, explore, and enjoy life to the fullest
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