Basket Case

Organization is a bit of a buzz word. It seems we’re all on a quest to be more organized, to embrace organizational change and to find a place for all those shoes. And while the vision in our heads of the perfect clutter free home brings a sense of bliss, the reality is if we can find our keys in the morning and the remote at night we’re doing pretty good.

Havana Baskets from Pottery Barn

That said, I do love a fairly organized home, but the busyness of life doesn’t allow for a thorough clean every day and often times it isn’t realistic to have everything put away. There are projects that take time and need to remain out while they’re being worked on and items that are used on a daily basis, so it doesn’t make sense to have them put away. I’m not saying don’t make the bed just because you’ll sleep in it again tonight, I am saying it’s ok to let your writing projects remain in the open or your knitting sit beside the couch.

I think one of the best ways to keep important objects, projects and work close at hand while still maintaining your home is by using the right containers. Baskets in particular are a favorite of mine, I use them in practically every room of our house.

We have one in our bathroom that holds hair brushes, hair care products and our styling appliances. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to find a brush each morning. I also have a basket in the kitchen for tea towels & pretty napkins. A woven grass basket keeps my favourite home decor magazines upright and ready for viewing and a basket in our entryway holds mittens and scarves in the winter then tennis balls and sunscreen in the summer.

Savannah Utility Baskets

Savannah Utility Baskets

Baskets are cost effective and help us stash clean socks in the laundry room, magazines by the couch, fireplace accessories in the living room, and flip flops on the porch in the summer time. Even our dog has a basket full of balls and chew toys. Granted, I enjoy open shelves in the kitchen with my utensils and cooking essentials accessible, and I think a bookcase chock full of books, games and pictures to be a luxurious essential in my decor. I realize there are those who prefer everything in its place, so they may need to put the baskets behind closed cupboard doors and pull them out when it’s time to work on the knitting project.

Each family member can also have a basket set aside for items they need to be specifically responsible for. Our kids each have one and if I or they find an item belonging to them that should go to their room, it gets tossed in the basket until the next trip upstairs. For those of us who don’t mind seeing our stuff in an organized fashion, baskets can be placed throughout the home to keep clutter from overwhelming us and ensuring we find our mittens on cold winter mornings.

School House Basket - Restoration Hardware

The Pottery Barn is one of my favourite destinations for baskets, visit them online.

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